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We empower innovative and forward-thinking entrepreneurs by providing them with the necessary capital, expertise, and resources. We strive to invest in disruptive startups with high growth potential that are capable of transforming industries and creating significant value for society.

We're OLLIN on risk mitigation

We are dedicated to attaining impressive outcomes while minimizing risk, leading us to implement a strategic approach—diversifying investments across a carefully selected portfolio of 50 companies. By spreading our investments, we not only embrace the dynamic nature of innovation but also fortify our position against uncertainties.

We believe all entrepreneurs need investors early- that's why we focus on building long-term partnerships with our portfolio companies. Our investment approach is guided by rigorous due diligence, a deep understanding of market dynamics, and a focus on identifying startups with strong intellectual property, sustainable competitive advantages, and exceptional leadership teams.

We're OLLIN on partnerships

We're OLLIN on integrity

Our commitment to integrity, transparency, and accountability is at the core of everything we do. We are dedicated to creating value for our investors, while also promoting positive social and environmental outcomes. We believe that by supporting innovative startups, we can help drive economic growth and make a meaningful impact on the world.

We are unafraid to back unproven, first-time entrepreneurs; unproven is not the same as incapable. The greatest returns in venture come from entrepreneurs who are capable but have not yet had the opportunity to show the world their talents and capabilities. We aggressively back entrepreneurs who have something to prove.

We're OLLIN on entrepreneurship

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